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David Bausola aka ZeroInfluencer / NYC IxDA – The 7-Minute IxD Soapbox (a.k.a. Pecha Kucha) / 20071113.10D.45948 / SML
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David Bausola aka ZeroInfluencer ( / Flickr / FriendFeed / LinkedIn / SML Wiki / Twitter)


NYC IxDA – The 7-Minute IxD Soapbox (a.k.a. Pecha Kucha)

2007-11-13 / Method / SoHo, NYC

At this fast-paced event, we’re giving seven people a chance to share their ideas — for just seven minutes each. The only rule is that topic must relate to interaction design. Of course, if you simply prefer to take it all in, you’re welcome to participate as an audience member.

Anything goes, as long as it’s related to interaction design or user experience. Present some of your work; talk about a design problem you’re facing; rant about a device you don’t like; effuse about your favorite product; share some results from a usability test; question the value of market research in product development; relate an experience with redesigning a product. If you don’t want to soapbox alone pair up with a friend or colleague. Heck, you could even do a parody of your favorite IxD guru, if you’re so inclined! If it’s something you’re interested in, chances are very high we’re interested too.

To connect people in our diverse and powerful community who are interested in having their interaction design neurons stimulated. This event will be an extraordinary grab-bag of local voices. Practice your speaking and presenting skills! Spark some debate! Make new friends and enemies! Gain new insights!

Speakers may use presentation slides, show off short multimedia, demonstrate something online, or just shoot from the hip. Just make sure it’s 7 minutes and no longer. After the seven soaps, we’ll hold Q&A and/or discussion. Caveat: Nomenclature debates about our roles and what we call ourselves as practitioners (IA, UX, IxD, HCI, CHI, UCD, etc.) will be reserved for anyone wishing to go to the nearest pub after the event.

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MTV Collections of Cool Asia
what is online marketing strategy
Ian Stewart, Director of Trend Research at Synovate (the world’s most curious company) was our guest speaker for comms class. He was in-charge of MTV Asia consumer strategy and from his presentation, we can see that he loves pop culture and MTV.

What’s keeping me really entertained the past few hours is this book that we’ve gotten from him. It’s the Collections of Cool: Asia. In a few words, it’s all about insights on what’s cool in the youth market in Asia, and it consists of seventeen provocative essays penned by some of the industries key players and tastemakers. Articles in the collection include “The Future of Asian Music,” “The Art of Exporting Street-Japonisme,” “Why Brands Should Act Like Bands,” etc.

I’m lovin’ it cos of the cool typography, layout, design, insights and tidbits of awesome Asian facts and recommended Asian sites.

Here’s 5 interesting things I’ve learnt from the Collections of Cool: Asia.

1. Ten years ago, only 500 people in China can ski. This year, an estimated 5 million people are going to visit ski resorts
2. The people in Bali only have 1 in 4 names, Wayan, Made, Nyoman and Ketut. If they’ve got a 5th child it starts all over again with Wayan.
3. About 1000 new soft drinks are launched in Japan every year.
4. There are, at any time, over 4 million South Korean online gamers.
5. The city with most Rolls Royce per capita is Hong Kong.

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