Nice Where To Advertise photos
March 10, 2019 Where To Advertise

A few nice where to advertise images I found:

The Vehicle of the Enemy
where to advertise
Don’t ask me why I took a picture of a police bike while walking around the Texas State Fair. I just did, okay?

I really don’t hate the police, but the cops on bikes get on my nerves. They just sit there at areas where its easy to accidentally speed and then bust you when you drive 3-4 miles over the limit. It’s a fund-raising operation, plain and simple. Grrrr.

My theory is that if I got shot at the same intersection where, in a totally unrelated incident at the same time, a truck took a corner too fast, a watching motorcylce cop would ignore my assailant and go after the speeder.

Let’s hope I don’t have to test that theory.

“Valeting Services: The Distinctive Dyers & Dry Cleaners”
where to advertise
This was a billboard that sprung up on a main road near to where I live. A few days ago, this was a modern billboard, I think it was advertising cars. Yesterday, someone began taking the old billboard down to replace it with a new one, unveiling this 1950/60’s advert for a dry cleaners. I took this picture now, as by tomorrow it’ll be gone.

UPDATE: This poster has now been replaced by one of those rotating-strip billboards. That doesn’t work.


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