November 4, 2016 Your Social Network

With so many social networking sites online these days, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of them, and bored. Hearing the same people complain about the same things or posting irrelevant or uninteresting information is the biggest complaint. So why not build your social network around you, as you like it.

With most of the world on Facebook or Twitter there most likely spans a huge range of people in your social network, not all of whom you really want or enjoy being connected with. Think of refining this list of people on a challenges network, where likeminded people meet to discuss and debate.

If you are a competitive person and want to meet others who have similar passions, consider joining a challenges network. Some networks like this allow you to display your talents such as comedy, music, or athletics, and compete against others in the same field.

Or if you are someone who enjoys interacting with people on controversial subjects, you can join a social networking debate. Some websites allow you to select certain topics such as politics, religion, environmental issues, and start a debate of your own, or join one that’s already started.

What these type of websites do is allow you to build your social network your own personal way. They incorporate challenges and debates to spice up your news feed and provide more intellectual stimulation compared to some other networking sites which rely more on gaming and advertisements.

The idea of a challenges network is interesting, not only because it could help your talents get discovered, but you may also make interesting and progressive relations with people who have similar talents and passions to you. Also, it’s a fun way to see what people really think of your talents.

Being part of a social networking debate gives you a platform to voice your opinions on topics that matter to you. With topics from gun control to stay at home moms, debates online can get heated and controversial, but it is certainly a way to add zest to your social networking.

Whenever you start to get a bit bored with the usual news feeds on Facebook or Twitter, think about how to build your social network further. Expanding minds, views and talents is a good way to do this, and also to possibly make new likeminded friends or professional connections that will help you grow.

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