Cool Advert Online images
July 2, 2019 Advert Online

A few nice advert online images I found:

Discipline Stickers
advert online
Photo for Discipline Stickers online advert…

G’Z One?
advert online
Adverts for a Casio cameraphone.

I noticed this because the picture came with metadata:
– location
– time and date
– latitude
– longitude
– elevation
– ambient temperature

sadly, the phone is "militray ruggedized" and marketed to meatheads. See the site.

odd since the posters were so promising. total disconnect between their print and online marketing.

Desi Wear Advert: June 2007
advert online
Featuring Parul Sharma, (Miss India 2003), who is wearing a Desi Rampart T and a Desi Monkey T, by Desi Wear.

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