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November 24, 2017 Advertising On The Net

Some cool advertising on the net images:

DC, Randy, James
advertising on the net
There’s the ubiquitous DC Collier on the left, Randy Katz, President of Milestone Entertainment based in LA, which is looking into mobile games-of-chance, and James Hollow, who is a film director with his own operation called Alien Eye, which produces net-viral film content for the advertising and marketing trade.

The Presentation Area
advertising on the net
First Nations’ Casino Hotel Lobby near Orillia, Canada: This shot gives you some idea of how the presentation worked. You can see the tree trunks that are arranged in the circle with the wooden fence in the center (enclosed by the orange barrier). [In another photo, there is a close up of a tree trunk and mask.] The first nations made a fence of branches in the water to catch fish. What really caught the fish was a net that the wooden fence held up. The first nations met at the place where the two lakes (the smaller one and the larger one) meet.

At the top of this photo, you can see the panels that the multimedia show is projected onto. In this shot, they are advertising that Vince Gill will be performing there in the Casino. There is also a circle on the ceiling that is used for projection in the multimedia show.

Just under the screens is another depiction of the fence with fish swimming in and out of the sticks.

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