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March 2, 2018 Advertising On The Net

Check out these advertising on the net images:

advertising on the net
Being Bama boys by origin and southern by grace… them boys done sold the farms and moved to the big city, quicker than a Saturday night bootlegger running shine across the twilight of a Sunday morning county line… Aint nothing like the taste of FRESH Corn Whiskey… In a celebration of southern heritage and culture, TINDELMICHI have meshed their up bringing with their environment to create REDNECK GRAFFITI¬©. Now dont that beat all… As they refine an old southern tradition and create a new one. The "FRESH BOILED PEANUT" sign will never be the same. Their exploration into southern Icons Typography and Advertising will surely have the Bible Belt sweating like a whore in church.

September 9th at 329 Walker Street in the Castleberry Hills District of Atlanta, Georgia. Visit and for all the info.

advertising on the net
These kind of 4 meters high advertisement towers have been put up all over Oslo, Norway. It was an agreement between the international advertising company JCDecaux and the norwegian supplier of electricity, without the city getting any money for it. The towers, some of them standing very close to private homes, is shining all night long. An ad hoc protesting group called Stans!no was formed against it, and now the city counsil has agreed to demand from Hafslund that they remove the advertising towers and put back the old towers. Some of those are actually kinda preatty. This is great news!

I have written more about this in norwegian on my blog.

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