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February 17, 2017 Advertising On The Web

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File under “Things that don’t work”
advertising on the web
Dear Apple,

I love the fact that I bought a product that doesn’t work, and I really love how your support staff (whom I’ve gotten to know so well over the course of many, many calls) blames it on everything else but the product.

Maybe it will work better when I hit it with a hammer.

What’s the problem? I’m glad you asked.

I bought this paperweight a few months ago so that we could enjoy the music on our harddrive on speakers slightly better than those on my laptop. Apple advertises this as a really easy piece of equipment – simply plug it in and your off.

Guess what? It’s not that easy. I should have known (as I bang my head against the wall).

The problem is, the music keeps dropping out. Sometimes it can play for hours without problems, but usually, it’s only a matter of seconds. And it’s really not very much fun listening to music and having it start and stop every 15 seconds or so. Real fun.

Not being one to let it go, I’ve spent weeks on end researching the problem and trying as hard as I can to fix it. I’ve gone to the Apple web site and found a little bit of consolation in knowing that I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. As a matter of fact, is there anyone with an Airport Express that WORKS?!

Apple’s tech support site suggested I upgrade the firmware. I did, and the dropping out problem went away for a couple of days. Then it came back worse than ever. Other users on the Apple web site suggested increasing the streaming buffer in iTunes. I did, and the problem is slightly better – but not fixed.

I’ve called Apple’s tech support line 3 or 4 times now and heard things like, "it’s not our product. It must be your router. Oh…. you’re on a PC. We don’t support third-party software." My favorite piece of advice was to turn off the encryption on my router. So, you’re telling me that if a person wants to use your product, you think they should turn off the security on their home network? Great idea!! OK, for the sake of argument I tried this brilliant suggestion. The problem didn’t go away.

I was also told that I should set my home network at the top of my "preferred networks list" in the windows network manager. Really? Do you get paid for such brilliant advice?

If anyone out there can help me I’d be most appreciative – otherwise I may freak out. And my wife doesn’t like me much when I get this angry at inanimate objects (hell, I don’t like me that much when I get this angry at inanimate objects!!)

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advertising on the web
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