April 8, 2017 Adwords

When it comes to successful Adwords management your chances of success are very slim unless you are a Google Adwords expert. The Adwords game literally shut you out in the long run if you don’t know how to manage your Adwords campaigns. How will you get shut out? Your costs per click will keep rising and rising and your ads will get poorer and poorer placement. Really, not knowing what you’re doing in Adwords management is a lose-lose situation.

Many businesses have found great success in Adwords by outsourcing their Adwords management to highly trusted Adwords management companies. It takes a lot of time and energy to manage an Adwords account, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Not to mention outsourcing Adwords management can save your company a ton of money. In Adwords management the primary goals should be to decrease client’s costs per click in Adwords and to increase the amount of traffic going to the client’s site.

Decreasing click costs take a huge boatload of knowledge and skill. The reason why it takes so much knowledge and skill is because in order to effectively decrease a client’s click costs an Adwords manager must do two difficult yet vitally important things.

A- The manager must totally rework the client’s campaign to make it have “Perfect Relevancy”. That means the keyword lists must be totally re organized so that each keyword is very closely related to the other keywords in its adgroup. Each keyword needs to have its own, individual ad so that the ads and the keywords will have perfect relevancy. The Adwords manager must also use advanced programming and skill to make the client’s landing page be perfectly relevant to each and every keyword.

B- The Adwords manager must also continuously manage and tweak bid prices so that the client’s ads are shown in strategic positions and so that the client is insure a good return on their Adwords investment. Professional Adwords management companies make it possible for clients to utilize a special tool call, Conversion Optimizer.

Split Testing is Key in Adwords Management Split testing a client’s ads every single day is always part of “a professional google Adwords manager’s” agenda. Split testing is the key to getting far lower click costs and terrific ad placement in Google. I’ve found that not only does Split testing a client’s ads every day significantly decrease their click costs and help them achieve great ad placement; It also helps them get a lot more traffic. Google loves well written, highly relevant ads so naturally it’s going to display them higher. People obviously love relevant, well written ads as well because they click on them a lot more!

When looking to outsource your Adwords management, it’s extremely important that you find a company that Split Tests your ads every single day. Be advised, split testing is not an easy task because it has to be done EVERY DAY. If you stumble upon an Adwords management company that does not put much emphasis in Split Testing, watch out As a matter of fact just run in the opposite direction. Any Adwords management company that is not concerned with the key strategies that save you money is definitely one you want to stay far away from.

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