In game advertising
December 16, 2018 Affiliate Advertising

Check out these affiliate advertising images:

In game advertising
affiliate advertising
have these now at about 20 locations, some very high traffic. oh also, amazon affiliate link 🙂 double the commish 😉

The State of Ad Networks
affiliate advertising
Session at Affiliate Summit East 2008: The trends are evident and there is no debate: we are in the midst of a tremendous rise in performance-based marketing and it has now overtaken CPM as the preferred pricing model.

Todd Crawford, Owner, (Moderator)
Bob King, CEO, ClickBank
Don Mathis, President, Epic Advertising
Michael Jenkins, CEO/Founder, MarketLeverage
Aleck Schleider, Vice President of Marketing, AOL’s Platform-A division

affiliate advertising
The other night while Xavier and I were dancing at Sphynx Club, I got into a long conversation with Raver who owns Raverz Style:z, a cool shop for ravers on the grid.

Since both of us are retailers, we were bouncing off ideas for vendors, affiliates and other such boring talk about shops and such. He had just sent me the new affiliate kiosks for my shops.

I asked him about his suggestions about traffic and advertising and I gave him suggestions about how to manage all the vendors. I love talking to fellow business owners. And even more fun, while your dancing!

Raver has his products now in another friend’s shop, DJ Doubledown Tandino. Doubledown has a one-stop-shop for clubs and dj’s. He is also the developer of the Metahud. IM him directly or go to his shop for that all-in-one hud for search and other SL functions.

Doubledown sent me a tp this morning. He was spinning some tunes in front of his shop, Ravelong. Sexy beats with a latin flavor kept me there while I took pics and wrote notes. It’s a great shop for clubs and djs. Go check it out!

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