February 3, 2017 Banner Ads

Anyone can use banner advertising, not just the elite. In fact, anyone with a moderate budget can use it go get traffic. If you truly want to be prosperous with banner advertising, you must remember the few items that we are about to explain.

The landing page of your banner ad has to be relevant to the content of your ad. The worst possible thing that can happen to your campaign is that your ad gets a high click through rate but the visitors coming to your landing page don’t convert to customers. Having a great banner ad doesn’t matter is your landing page isn’t good. In addition, make sure you choose a perfect spot for your banner ads. Your banner could be very pretty with the most appealing graphics and text and still be bad. Why does this happen?

Your ads may be located in the wrong spot. In other words, where the ad is located is just as important as what it has to say. If your targeted crowd are teens and you are marketing on a website that is for an older crowd, you won’t get a big response. So always make sure you’re choosing the right place to advertise so that your response rate doesn’t suffer.

The internet media is really not the same as offline media when it comes to audience involvement. In order to increase the click through rate from your banner ads, you must be different from the other ads. Here you can receive the best results by inviting your targeted audience to take part in some type of interactive activity that you provide on your website. Your banner ads are there as a influential way to persuade others to participate in this type of activity, which could be a quiz or any other thing that gets interaction.

Doing this will automatically increase the click through rate of your banner ads.

It’s a good idea to rotate new ad designs on a particular website because of over-exposure of an ad. Some have stated that after roughly 2-300,000 impressions, then you need to make a new banner. This is why you should have at least three to four version of the banner ad placed on various important sites that get you a response. Then with A/B split testing you can easily find out which ad and site are performing best. You can make money with banner ads, but realize there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

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