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Meeting Neil Herron & Simon Aldridge
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17 June 2008. Neil Herron [centre] of Parking Appeals Ltd and Simon Aldridge [left] of London Motorists’ Action Group.

I met Neil and Simon during my campaign on behalf of residents who got traffic fines in the unlawful yellow box junctions in Philip Lane N15. I’m grateful for their time and advice.

They pointed out that some of the parking bay lines in Tottenham Hale Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) did not comply with Department for Transport regulations.

This opened a new angle on the incompetence of Haringey’s Parking and Highways Services. And it supported the view of former councillor Ray Dodds who had already questioned Haringey’s failure to paint the correct makings for many single and double yellow lines.


Can I make it clear that I’m not in any way an expert on parking law
and regulations.
Nor can I endorse any website or organisation.

Originally, I took up the issue of two unlawful yellow box junctions.
They were unlawful because they were painted on the roadway at a
location – outside Tottenham Bus Garage – which is not a junction.
My authority for this statement is both the Department for Transport
and the barrister consulted by Haringey Council.


—– Original Message —–
From : Cllr Alan Stanton
To: Councillor George Meehan, Leader of Haringey Council
Cc : Cllrs: Haley; Ray Dodds. Chief Executive, Head of Legal & Monitoring Officer
Sent : Tuesday, June 17, 2008 4:41 PM

Dear George,

Following the Labour Group decision last Thursday I have been considering how I can best assist residents who have written to me about Penalty Charge Notices [traffic fines]. This includes those received in Philip Lane N15 outside Tottenham Bus Garage; but now more recently for the boxes outside Wood Green Garage where the Department for Transport officials appear to have ‘driven a coach and horses’ through their own Department’s quite clear legislation and regulations.

Therefore I was delighted to be contacted by Neil Herron of Parking Appeals Ltd. I’m sure you will all be very pleased that on a visit to London this week – he is based in Sunderland – Neil Herron made time to meet me. He gave me his ‘take’ on the national campaigns now underway to remind a number of local authorities of their duty to comply with the law and regulations on traffic signs. […]

Neil is very willing to meet with you and repeat the information he gave me. He will do this pro bono without a fee, since he agrees with me that ‘doing the right thing’ is vital if local authorities are to begin rebuilding the trust and confidence of motorists,

Can I suggest that you have nothing whatever to lose by meeting and listening to him and asking him whatever questions you wish. I would urge you to contact him urgently and take advantage of his free expertise. He is in London until Friday but he has a number of meetings already booked. […]

Best wishes,


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