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Explore Views
best way to market online business
Explore views

Some quick views from me about Explore – Flickr’s key innovation

1. Is it worth worrying about explore?

I say yes if you are interested in getting views, fave’s and comments on you pictures. I’ve seen my my views, faves and comments all rocket when a photograph of mine has entered explore. If you don’t care about people seeing your work, don’t worry about explore.

2. Is there a secret to getting in Explore

I’ve had close to 100 pictures into explore. What I can say regarding is that there are some behaviours that make reaching explore more likely, but there is still a random element as far as a can tell. I often "know" that a picture I’ve uploaded will make it to explore. I’ve had contacts report the same thing.

3. So, what are these "behaviours" that help getting Explored.

Hope these aren’t too cryptic
– Explore really likes faves, notes, and comments. I think it likes gallery adds too. For me the jury is out about views – its too easy to fake views. I have a pet explore theory that Explore might hate views.
– Explore hates excessive groups – posting more than 5 is explore suicide
– Explore hates groups – I think there is a either a list of groups it hates (especially the Explore gaming groups and the @Gong@/ award groups, or the Explore donkey has a way of judging average comments/fave’s per group and discounts pictures versus the average (or maybe both)
– Explore has five phases – Pre 7-day interestingness, in 7-day but not yet the first full day since uploading, first full day since uploading, the next 6 days, Forever after. Each phase has some different rules – for example, the Groups rule above doesn’t seem to apply in the "next 6 days" or "Forever after" phases.
– Explore is not entirely blind to the quality of pictures – it offers up potentially great pictures in the "in 7-day but not yet the first full day since uploading" and then watches whether people choose to click through that picture – see what’s drawn to the explorers. In other words, it uses explorers to vote with their mouses.
– Explore values fave etc much more from strangers that contacts – question: should you add contacts if it devalues their comments
– Once picked up by Explore, Flickr users (Explorers) seem to prefer certain types of pictures which consequently helps with their Interestingness – e.g. hot, young chicks, hearts, cardboard characters, lego and so on. More generally, I think living things – people, animals, flowers, win over solid state (although this is a big generalisation).

4. Why does Flickr have Explore
– Flickr’s business model is primarily (I think) generating revenue from online advertisments and pro-account subscriptions. So they want lots of non-pros to have a reason to visit, and they want pro’s a reason to pay. Flickr hit upon the happy notion that non-pro’s couldn’t find good pictures in all the tripe that gets unloaded. At the same time, it wanted to encourage pro’s to have a way to promote/market their pictures. The market created is Explore – Pro’s supply quality pictures in the hope of getting faves / comments, in part to make it to explore and at least to feel the warm glow of praise, being part of a community etc. The non-pros demand access to quality pictures, quickly and refreshed. They pay in visits, comments, faves. Thus the Explore market. Of course, often pros can be buyers as well as sellers, which makes the market all the more vibrant.

There’s a lot of chat that Flickr is looking to get rid of Explore. If that’s true, it will be interesting to see what they use as a replacement. There appears to be huge demand for access to quality images and I don’t think Group’s alone are up to the task.

5. If my picture is interesting, will it get explored.

I think Flickr has an algorythm for interestingness. This is then adapted or overlayed by seperate rules on getting Expored. For example, Interestingness doesn’t judge Gong groups differently (I think), but Explore rules do.

This can lead to some interesting opportunities.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say today, except for this thought, don’t take explore too seriously (if you aren’t bothered in getting Explored).


Something I forgot – Explore hates anything that’s outside of the safe filter.

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