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Transmilenio 3 – Comparisons
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Soo what does the Transmilenio cost? The early phase was .3 million USD/ km.. For comparison LRTs can range about to million USD/km. More recent phases improvements have cost more (fancy terminals, etc), but for the price of a bare-bones LRT one can have an extremely feature-rich BRT (proper enclosed stations that are universally accessible, pre-paid boarding, etc).

So what about capacity? Well here’s a surprising tidbit of information:
The Transmilenio has a capacitiy of over 40,000 ppdph (people per direction, per hour, on a single line. By comparison something like Vancouver BC’s new Airport Line has been specified to for a maximum 25,000 ppdph.

The Vancouver line is costing over 0 million per km – but at least it is fully above or below grade and will never suffer from traffic light breaks, or slow-operation-in-the-city like many at grade LRTs. Vancouver at least skipped the surface LRT costs and went straight underground.

How about speed? The average speed of the Transmilenio 26 kmph – not so shabby either.

All of the slides from a UN course about Bus Rapid Transit are here:

Another fabulous resource for Bus Rapid Transit systems is the ITDPs BRT Planning Guide – *The Annex Section has system comparisons across existing BRT systems on all continents*…

The white building on the hilltop is the chapel of a former monastary. There is also a restuarant up there. One can either ride the gondola up, or joing the masses who regularly hike up on the weekends (a la grouse grind style). The Monserrate website (English version)

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