Beware the Button Police!
February 24, 2017 Buy Targeted Traffic

A few nice buy targeted traffic images I found:

Beware the Button Police!
buy targeted traffic
This woman chastised me for pressing a crossing signal button more than once. She said that it "breaks the button!." When I said that with billions in tax dollars being spent, surely the City of Washington, DC could afford to buy more robust buttons, she replied "Well they are your tax dollars!" To which I retorted "Not my tax dollars, I’m Canadian." Upon hearing that, she apologized and told me to have a nice stay.

I’m not sure what her real role was, but she seemed to be doing some sort of pedestrian traffic survey.

Spying on the Button Police [?]

London by bicycle 2005
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Traveling with your bicycle to cycle in the mega-town is probably not the most popular choice for London tourists. But also cycling to and from the airports (including Stansted) is clearly a mad-man’s idea. The first time I thought about it, I knew THIS was how it needed to be done.
I don’t really like doing holiday snaps nor am I any good at it. I’m to distracted by enjoying what I see. So here are no pictures of Kew Gardens, most of the museums I visited, all the nice people I met there, that overwhelmed me with enormous hospitality, the pubs or James, the nice and very intelligent squatter, whom I bought a meal at McDonald’s after meeting him while walking alone at night through London’s streets.

A map of my journey can be found here

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