Cool Consumer Marketing images

A few nice consumer marketing images I found: Viral Marketing Your friends are the ads MindshareViz: visualizing consumer search behavior For marketers, product developers and venture capitalists who are dissatisfied with traditional trend forecasting and market research reports, MindshareViz is a real-time trend visualization too that reveals consumer intent through online search behavior. i worked…

Nice Consumer Marketing photos

Check out these consumer marketing images: 2005-04-02-DSC_0159 Buying clothes at the Rotterdam market. 2005-03-28-DSC_0030_opt Shopping at the Easter market in Gorinchem. 2005-04-02-DSC_0124_opt Make-up and jewellery stand at Rotterdam market.

Cool Consumer Marketing images

Check out these consumer marketing images: Nano Building System And we thought the NanoCar would be such an obvious spoof… Today, in some geographies, the “nano” prefix is used across a huge array of consumer products, like a nouveau “neo” moniker, devoid of meaning. The outer packaging announces 85 Nano-Sized™ NanoPieces™, and the manual introduces…