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A few nice social media assistant images I found: Social media workshop – Mayra Ruiz-Mcpherson is a speaker, trainer, upcoming author, publicity assistant and blogger. details of the event: (cc) Shashi Bellamkonda or Please feel free to use this picture in your blog ,website or presentation and credit as shown. Thanks….

Some recent social media assistant auctions on eBay:

Can a social media manager help you in your business? First of all let me explain what a social media manager is and what they do. A social media assistant is a person that manages your social media profiles your online presence and helps you market yourself, your products and/or services. They help you create…

Cool Social Media Assistant images

Some cool social media assistant images: The shape of space Every cultural period has its own conception of space, but it takes time for people consciously to realize it. —László Moholy-Nagy Space is one of the basic elements in art, and yet also one of the most resistant to definition. Almost all artworks take up,…