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August 21, 2016 Clear Adobe Cache

Various good clear adobe cache images I found:

Flash GUIMark: 4.45 fps average
clear adobe cache
Simply stumbled across this interesting Ars Technica article about Benchmarking Flash Athlete 10 (via Daring Fireball). As DF’s Gruber leaves it:

Performance nonetheless sucks on Mac OS X compared to Windows Vista. Utilizing the same computer system (four-core 2.66 GHz Mac Pro with 6 GB of RAM), Hulu video clip playback uses 56 percent Central Processing Unit on Mac OS X 10.5 vs. just 7 percent on Vista. Flash movie playback is all about eight times more cost-effective on Microsoft windows. But men and women question why Apple is not anxious getting Flash from the iPhone.

Without a doubt – I’m constantly pissed off by the ridiculous performance of Flash on OS X. It’s very easy for me to tell if an internet web page utilizes Flash content – and start to become it just the many trivial small advertisement banner with some animated results: my PowerBook’s 2 followers start up straight away while the system is maxed on at 100% CPU load. The rest on the machine becomes so slow, it really is nearly standing still, plus the only cure should shut the web page containing that Flash motion picture.

Most Flash content on typical web pages is marketing and advertising. It really is a nuisance, but there are methods to eradicate it. In Camino, for instance, Flash content must be manually activated by default (until you visit it, a placeholder is shown for every Flash film). For Safari, there’s Safari Stand which adds an equivalent blocking functionality.

[Update 20090227: Discover a webkit plug-in (for Safari et al.) called clicktoflash that does exactly this:]

But what about pages you visit clearly for examining their particular Flash content? The most obvious example is YouTube. When i do want to have a look at some YouTube videos, i need to stay with my Mac becoming a costly table calculator, for the reason that it’s about up to it can be utilized for while playing FLV flicks.

My PowerBook G4 is almost five years old today, but Flash performance nonetheless sucks even on those more recent devices which can be about 5 or 6 times since powerful as my own. How come that? Sloppy coding? Could be the Flash plug-in developed on Windows then half-heartedly ported to OS X? or perhaps is it a conspiracy by Adobe who’re privately controlled by Microsoft to eliminate your competitors?

I found some responses in a blog site post about Flash Player 10 pre-release by the developers taking care of Flash at Adobe:

In a remark further down on that page, somebody typed:

[…] Even with Flash athlete 10 beta 2, the overall performance under OSX is about half compared to Windows XP. It’s about 28fps under OSX and around 58fps under Windows XP.

Therefore even extremely latest form of Flash athlete 10 under OSX is all about half the speed of Microsoft windows!

The discouraging thing usually Adobe hasn’t given any clear explanation to account for the lack of performance.

Another puzzling thing is Adobe is currently stating that the text rendering was really sluggish before, it offers today identified the bottleneck and fixed it. But why has this bottleneck taken such a long time discover? The implication is apparently that no-one at Adobe has even tried to straighten out the performance dilemmas by profiling the code.

Therefore without any description for the dramatic difference in rate on a single hardware under different operating systems, it is just starting to appear to be Adobe not only will not know the reason why there is such a remarkable speed huge difference, however it hasn’t made the effort to find out.

Therefore Adobe – any answers why OSX continues to be therefore slow, or does not have any one done the job to identify the issue?

To which the blog writer responded:

[…] Kindly look over my touch upon the GUIMark site. I was very clear about why there clearly was nonetheless a significant difference. The separate player is about 10-20percent slower compared to the house windows version with this standard.

This sleep are related to gcc. Also Apple has received finally sufficient and it is just starting to develop an upgraded based on LLVM:… (I said beginning, this is not even close to being production ready)

"But why has actually this bottleneck taken such a long time to locate?"

As this benchmark hits an extremely specific location within the player which cannot be seen with genuine content. GUIMark is a benchmark, not genuine content.

The record we, various other designers and QE operate Shark along with other performance tools, manually and computerized. Constantly.

So it seems my cynical fears of conspiracy or Adobe maliciously ignoring overall performance of Flash on OS X tend to be unfounded. They are in reality attempting to make it operate as fast as possible everywhere, but they are not performing as well as on Microsoft windows. The reasons tend to be quite technical, as that exact same blogger explains inside the comment on the GUIMark website (that he means into the preceding reply):

We identified the bottleneck when you look at the Flash Player for OSX. Like in various other plugins the culprit is text rendering, in this case rendering utilizing unit text. This standard spends >50per cent in a single OSX purpose: ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds. You’ll validate this your self using Shark. I’m taking care of a big change which will cache the outcome came back by that API to where this call should totally fade away from performance profile.

Googling for the function in question brought me to a page from Apple’s designer documentation upon which it claims:

Note: Although the function ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds (previously named ATSUMeasureText) comes back the typographical ascent and lineage values, applying this purpose to acquire ascent and descent values might degrade overall performance. You should not make use of ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds to acquire these values.

[Emphasis mine]
Therefore – sloppy coding, after all?

(Full documentation for ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds)

The above mentioned screenshot may be the overall performance graph of my machine working the GUIMark benchmark. Present windows PCs run this exact same standard at about ten times the rate. It is annoying, nonetheless it seems things will get much better.

By the way, the overall performance of Flash on OS X is just why the iPhone will not play Flash content within web pages, and exactly why there is a unique application only for YouTube (which probably utilizes an especially optimized decoder and player for Flash movie (FLV) information, but cannot play Flash films per se.)

Release Notes for Flash Player version 10 (Adobe)

clear adobe cache
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