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October 24, 2017 Consumer Marketing

Check out these consumer marketing images:

Nano Building System
consumer marketing
And we thought the NanoCar would be such an obvious spoof…

Today, in some geographies, the “nano” prefix is used across a huge array of consumer products, like a nouveau “neo” moniker, devoid of meaning.

The outer packaging announces 85 Nano-Sized™ NanoPieces™, and the manual introduces NanoMan™ and the Nanoverse™ of related kits. This one comes in a NanoCase™ with a NanoMagnifier™…. so you can see the nanotech inside?

Coffee Vendor, Borneo
consumer marketing
When I visited Malaysia in 2002, coffee was not such a big deal for local consumers (except for Starbucks in KL), but it’s widely produced for export. I bought several pounds of Sumatran from this gentleman in a Kuching market.

He had a noisy, old, gasoline-driven coffee grinder. Stupidly enough I forgot to photograph it.

Great coffee though.

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