From Social Media to Corporate Media: An Interactive Workshop for High Tech Communications Professionals
August 15, 2016 Corporate Social Media

A couple of good business social media marketing images i discovered:

From Social Media Marketing to Business Media: An Interactive Workshop for Advanced Communications Experts
corporate social media marketing
This workshop is a distinctive hybrid of a normal conference and an unconference, mixing the very best of both globes. Throughout the afternoon on Monday October 23rd could hear short speaks from leading social networking professionals and practice conversations with other Silicon Valley professionals, leaving the workshop with a knowledge of how your organization can benefit from making Corporate Media using social media marketing resources.

Registration is 0 (plus service charges) and may be done online using Mollyguard at Following the workshop, remain for a night beverage reception managed by SAP and social networking Club (a part of seminar enrollment). If you are not able to attend the workshop, you could purchase a ticket for reception for only at

More details can be located at

Tag clouds with shaft of light: Playing label utilizing the Fraser Institute
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Tag clouds with shaft of light on the Canadian topography, or playing label with the Fraser Institute.

This tag cloud was merged with a Bing Earth view from West Coast hills towards Ottawa and Washington when you look at the East. The laser beam within the back ground may be the Enron tower.

When you look at the Adobe Photoshop toolbar under Filter > Liquify > We maximized the brush to create effective wind habits impacts in the clouds hovering across Canadian topology.

We studied the Fraser Institute’s on-line yearly reports and webpages to patch together these categories, tags or folksonomies to present advertising users to at least one of the very most extremely reported think tanks which surfaced in 1974 within height of Thatcherism. These are the tags when you look at the cloud:

Economic Freedom, Milton Freeman, knowledge, Environment and possibility, Privatizing Correctional solutions (1998), Alan Greenspan, Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg, financial plan, Sally Pipes, T. Patrick Boyle, MacMillan Bloedel, Governance, Csaba Hajd, Ralph Klein, Private vs. Public wellness, Can industry protect the Schools? (2000), Law and Markets, taking care of Profit: Financial Dimensions of Canada’s medical care Industry (1987), Non-profit Studies, Adam Smith, Atlas Foundation, Sir Antony Fisher, Regulatory, Pharmaceutical Policy, The Illusion of Wage and cost Controls, Preston Manning, Entrepreneurship and Markets, Michael Walker, IEA, Alan Campney, Social Affairs, class Report Cards, Thatcher, financial conscience, Bill Emmott, George Shultz, John Raybould, Trade and Globalization, Schumpeter, The Economist, Cato Institute- Washington, Rent Control: A Popular Paradox

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