UNICEF Puts Child at Risk
April 5, 2017 Direct Mail Marketing

A few nice direct mail marketing images I found:

UNICEF Puts Child at Risk
direct mail marketing
This direct mail solicitation from UNICEF says on the envelope, "As little as a nickel could save a child’s life!" Enclosed in the envelope is an actual nickel, which, if we believe UNICEF, could have been used to save a child’s life.

Either UNICEF is callous with life, or callous with the truth. I understand they are just trying (cynically) to invoke the reciprocity principle to create psychological pressure for a donation, but the implicit threat is, "Return this nickel or a child dies."

When National Lampoon did the same thing, it was a joke. But UNICEF is serious.

I actually support UNICEF, which is why they send us solicitations, but this kind of pitch is degrading to all parties.

Mailer received October, 2007.

Junk mail from im.tv
direct mail marketing
Received early this year. The so-called "Free Gift" is actually tried to trick you to sign up a two-year mobile phone service contract by giving you "free" mobile handset made by brands never heard of.

Never registered at their website im.tv, don’t believe they have the right to send me those junk mails. Four in a row! Whoever use im.tv as their channel for direct marketing is either too rich or dumb. Maybe both?

Guess I’m just to lazy to file a complaint to local Consumer’s Foundation or government so I’ll just put it here and on my blog.

Web Street Journal
direct mail marketing
Cute little mailer I got today from everyone’s favorite private equity fund.

I love seeing this strong, yet obvious, web portfolio jump off the screen and into my hands. I am old school when it comes to reading … I have to have it in hand to really take it in.

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