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October 7, 2017 Drive Traffic To Your Site

A few nice drive traffic to your site images I found:

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In Kuwait you find the strangest accidents and thats why its a good reason to always carry a camera with you. I shot this picture today after work on the Sheraton roundabout in Kuwait City. I don’t know how the car got there since there plus he is facing traffic so it means he must have been driving the wrong way. Strange people…

Anyway here is a site with pictures of car accidents in Kuwait.

note: site is blocked by Qualitynet here in Kuwait for some stupid reason.

Italian Gelateria
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Italy. On the south shore of the Lago di Garda (which is in Lombardy region of Italy) you can find the peninsula of Sirmione. The peninsula is famous for its beautiful countryside and the Caves of Catullo, an archaeological site of a former Roman villa situated on the tip of the peninsula. The Sirmione Spa, the largest privately owned thermal treatment centre in Italy, whose sulphurous waters originate from the depths of Lake Garda, has long been one of Sirmione’s main attractions. There is plenty of accommodation available as well as frequent boat services to other lakeside towns and villages.It’s one of the ideal location. The place that is free from through traffic and not linked to the main motorways. You can drive in to the city but only by a special permit from the hotel. The streets inside are so narrow that only one small car can go through (big Mercedes should fold up their side mirrors).And here at this picture is one of the local gelaterias that serve “gelato” – Italian ice-cream, exotic ices and fruit sorbets —cool concoctions that refresh you in the heat of the day and linger on the tongue on sultry summer nights. The first gelatos were made centuries ago in Northern Italy and processed with ice and snow stored from the winter months. The word "gelato," translated from the Italian, means ice cream, but that’s deceptive. Gelato is a denser product, creamier than even premium ice creams because less air is whipped in during processing… Very delicious!!!

black point battery
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Upper Fort Mason, San Francisco

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