October 16, 2016 Electronic Ad

Some years ago, employers were using newspapers as their tool for advertising about a vacant position, but nowadays, most of them are using the internet as the source for this purpose. Some of them are making use of paid classified, while some of them are using free classifieds online to publish ad on jobs. Even when the ad is published in the local newspaper or classifieds, many applications will be received through internet only as compared to direct posts particularly when the organization has provided its mail Id in the ad. So, the best and economical option available for employers these days is online classifieds.

Nowadays, most of the job seekers are using the internet as the source for applying to any job that they find suitable to their qualification and experience. So, when using websites offering free classified ad posting in India, the Indian employers can find the best talents easily. Some of methods that can be followed by employers for posting their requirements on the internet are discussed below

Organizational websites: If an organization has its own portal, the best option to choose is to post an advertisement regarding the vacant positions available just through their website itself. This is the simplest and easiest option available to them.

Online Classifieds: As mentioned earlier, Indian employers have several websites offering free classified ad posting in India at their disposal. When they could select a particular classified, they can continue to post their requirements as and when vacancies arise. Since the posting of ad can be done without any cost, this method is gaining popularity among most of the recruiters these days. In addition to jobs, some websites offer the facility of posting advertisements regarding matrimonial, coaching classes, vehicles, etc…. and even companies can advertise about their products and services through these classified portals. Not only advertisers, but also consumers, who are looking to purchase some products either in first hand or second hand can find the same along with the cost. Indian companies belonging to any state in India can publish ads on jobs in these websites. Since job seekers belonging to different states will be viewing the ad there are chances of receiving more applications and the companies can select the right talent from a huge group applied for. Some of these websites are offering free service, while some of them collect money as well from their customers.

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