March 22, 2017 Facebook Ads

Do you want to know what the Facebook Ads Guide is all about and whether it can really work? The owner of this guide is a professional marketer who has only recently discovered that he could get much more traffic and better results from the traffic from Facebook compared to the other traffic sources that he has been using before.It utilizes the concept of affiliate marketing, which is not something new in the industry, to combine it with the latest and most popular social networking website Facebook.

If you’ve used Facebook before then you are probably familiar with Facebook ads and how they work. Even if you haven’t placed your own advertisements via this method, you’ve probably seen them on the sides of pages you visit as you browse photo albums and check the status updates of some of your many friends on the site. Many times you may notice that these are targeted advertisements that may seem personalized to your interests. This is because of smart technology that guides them, ensuring that there’s a good chance you may in fact be interested in what they have to say. Do you ever wonder if they are as effective as compared to Google AdWords? Perhaps not.

Prior to this, there are many other popular methods such as blogging and pay per click, but these methods have become more and more competitive in recent months. With Facebook, I have found that I can easily get as much traffic as I could get from Google without having to deal with the negative attitude that their representatives typically show to marketers.

The reason is, when people are looking for something to purchase online they are most likely to Google it. Not many people go to Facebook automatically and search for products. Hence, the reason Facebook ads are less catchy to the market.

So if Facebook ads are not as effective as Google AdWords, does this mean they are not effective at all? The fact is – of course not! It just means that the ad has to be exposed to more people to gain more clicks. Besides, it is through profits from purchases that we know if an ad is effective or not – not through its click rate.

If your advertising costs are a lot lesser than your profit, then you could say that your advertisement was effective. Still, it’s not enough that you made profit. Check whether the amount of profit is acceptable versus the cost and effort put into advertising.

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