May 25, 2017 Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Guide takes a different approach than the vast majority of advertising courses. The majority of courses on advertising aimed at internet marketers teach you how to use Google Adwords profitably. If you are looking for a different strategy, however, Ryan Deiss’s course completely bypasses the Google Adwords route. As the name suggests, this course teaches you how to make money advertising on Facebook, something many internet marketers never think of doing. There are all sorts of ways to advertise an internet marketing business. You don’t have to be restricted to advertising with Google! If you are curious about Facebook Ads Guide, you may be interested in what we found about the program.

Internet marketers have quickly discovered that Facebook ads are a lot less than Google’s ads. So your ppc campaign costs will be significantly cheaper at Facebook. We highly recommend using Facebook based on that one item right there. The Facebook Ads Guide course will teach you how to create advertising campaigns that do not cost a lot of money but that bring in a lot of sales and profits. What marketer wouldn’t be interested in that?

You can actually create an advertising campaign on Facebook after watching the first video, a nice feature of this course, which doesn’t make you complete every lesson before giving you the basics. That is a rarity in the affiliate course world. By giving you useful information early in the course, it gives you the ability to go out and start using it right away. Courses that force you to learn a bunch of complicated theories first and then teach you what to do can feel like an incredible waste of time. As every internet marketer knows, time is our most valuable resource, so we can’t afford to have it wasted.

One nice bonus for purchasing is an opportunity to be a part of a monthly Question/Answer session with the product creator, Ryan. During these sessions you can ask him all of the questions you have about his system, advertising in Facebook and any bugs that you have encountered. We were very impressed at Ryan’s commitment to his buyers’ continued success. So that interaction makes the price well worth it. You’ll have a tough time finding very many product owners who are concerned about the success of his customers.

It can be hard to decide which internet marketing courses to buy, with so many to choose from. Ordering many different courses gets to be a drain on your budget, as well as taking up your time. We can assure you that Facebook Ads Guide is well worth its asking cost and time commitment. One good ad campaign can pay for the course, and the method can be applied to anything you ever want to sell online!

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