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Thank you every time
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These toilet roll cores are printed with the words "Maido Arigatou Gozaimasu." Loosely it might be translated as, "Thank you for your custom," or "I am continually grateful." It is used specifically by salesmen and other representatives of companies when visiting their customers to express their on going gratitude to the customer for doing business with them. The first thing that is surprising about the message is that Western companies are less likely to thank their customers in this way.

The second thing is that the literal translation of the message is "thank you every time." In this case, the company is thanking the customer for having used the product. Bearing in mind the use of the product, it seems a little intrusive to find this message at the end. I would advise Japanese toilet paper manufacturers to omit the message, or at least not translate it should they wish to sell their product in an English speaking nation.

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