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April 16, 2017 Free Advertisment

A few nice free advertisment images I found:

Free rides! No Catches
free advertisment
This is probably the most innovative method of advertising I’ve seen in a long while. Over the course of my day, I saw about 5 of these 3 seater bike thing’s giving free trips around the city to tourists. Of course, they all had the savings company’s logos plastered all over them.

I’d like to see more adverts like this. Especially if I could get them to take me to and from college every day.

Nokia advertisement
free advertisment
New advertisement from Nokia, pretty cool. It’s on the bus stop. If you want to get a new ringtone, which in this case is one song from "Kane", you must just switch on infrared in your cell phone to get a free ringtone. 🙂

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