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October 24, 2016 Get Traffic

A few nice get traffic images I found:

get traffic
Between the train station and airport is a small park.
I built the pedestrian overpass bridge which helps minifigs get to the park without heavy traffic.

JPJ Hill, Guantanamo Bay
get traffic
NSGA, home to Co. "L" MarSptBn, JPJ Hill – an old photo taken in the 90’s. After 1985, the building included a new platform and much larger operations center. I spent many freezing long nights in this building… After our shift we could drive the big yellow bus down to the beq and play trivial pursuit (or hang out at the bohio). When we weren’t too busy we’d look through the big-eyes and count the upright sequences of passing ships and look them up in Janes…

The larger portion of the building was completed in 1985 just as I was leaving. It was constructed during much of my stay at Co. L and I spent part of my shift watching it being built. It’s probably the toughest brick-construction building I’ve seen built. The cinder blocks were literally packed with rebar and pelletized insulation. I actually helped dig out part of the foundation at one point! (just for fun). I still remember the Jamaican construction workers. One of them, Roosevelt, was the foreman and taught me several words in Jamaican "patua". It was nice sometimes to get out of the freezing cold building and into the warm sunshine.

The NIS guys would come up to the "hill" and hang out with us sometimes and tell weird stories…

note: this facility is closed (for several years now)

Ortega Highway shut down
get traffic
A one hour delay getting to the office while the Ortega Highway is shut completely down means two things. First, it usually means a fatal traffic accident. Second, it’s a chance to thank God you weren’t in it.

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