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A morning at Robinson’s
getting more customers to your business
What is probably the only reason to enter ERP-laden Orchard Road: The Robinson’s Sale. Especially if your mom has the credit card that gives an additional 5% rebate.

But the ratio of grownups to one Isaac must be at least 3:1. It took Mom, the wife and me taking turns to watch him this morning so that we could get our shopping done.

Decent bargains aside, what made the trip so enjoyable was the excellent customer service shown by the staff there, both young and old. From the Braun Buffel salesgirl to the young salesman at the John Harold business pants racks and another guy at Erstklassic (the German shoe brand we love but don’t know how to pronounce) and Ecco men’s shoes department, all of them displayed product knowledge, cheerful patience and earnest service.

The shoe guy even gave Isaac a sweet, and did not blink or frown when Isaac grabbed some cans of liquid shoe polish and mixed up the colour-coded caps.

"Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out," he said with a smile.

Mom had to take Isaac out of the store so that we could shop in peace. But when they were at the corridor looking at the cheerful festive decorations, he proudly showed her a wallet in his tiny hand. Her first thought was, oh no, whose wallet is that?! Then she realised it was a new one, and rushed back into the store to return Isaac’s "loot".
We entered Orchard at 10.30am to avoid the ERP charges. By the time we left, it was 1pm and we had to pay toll charges to leave Orchard Road. But despite this ERP unpleasantness, the good experience at Robinson’s more than made up for it and we happily lugged home our shoppin bags of stuff, and a very tired little boy.

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