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Robert Pullo, left, greets guests at the gala premiere in the performing arts center. The Pullo Family Performing Arts Center is named in honor of Robert and Donna Pullo in celebration of their family’s lifelong commitment to education, culture and the arts. The Pullos have supported the campus with significant gifts for capital needs and endowments and have helped secure the future for Penn State York.

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On the night of the referendum in which Brazilians decided not to ban gun sales, it became immediately apparent that there was a geography to the defeat of the referendum. Although the referendum was universally rejected, the wealthier southern and southeastern states voted fairly heavily against the referendum while it had much more support in the poor northeastern and northern states.

As the complete results came in over the next couple of days, the picture became even more clear. In São Paulo state, the cities with the highest murder rates were cities where the “no” victory was narrowest or where “yes” actually won. In the city of São Paulo itself, the highest “yes” votes occurred in the most violent regions while the “no” margin of victory was widest in the wealthiest neighborhoods.

One of the most persuasive analyses of this phenomenon reasoned that people who face daily violence and are more likely to have contact with firearms felt that the referendum might help their situation even a little bit while people from the wealthier, less violent areas have a “false sense of insecurity”. In these areas, people not only fear for their safety at a rate disproportionate to the actual threat but they are also more likely to trust private security firms. Although the referendum would not have affected the ability of private security guards to acquire or carry firearms, it is thought that this trust in security guards leads more people to place more trust in the supposed security that comes with owning a gun.

Shortly after the election (perhaps on the day of the protest against G.W. Bush´s visit), I noticed this billboard overlooking the neighborhood that voted most heavily against the referendum.

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