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January 1, 2018 Helping Hands Care

A few nice helping hands care images I found:

Willie Parker • Fort Wayne, Indiana
helping hands care
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"Living with AIDS is not a death sentence. I look at myself as having AIDS. AIDS doesn’t have me."

I remember when I was informed that I was HIV+ in 1999. When they tell you that you are positive, in a split second you feel that your life is gone, it is changed forever. My first reaction was one of hopelessness and the feeling that I had just been given a death sentence. I was overcome with feelings of guilt and anger. I had not known my status and fathered a child, and in the course of that, I infected the woman and the child with the virus. I have chastised myself so many times for that, despite others telling me that it wasn’t my fault since I didn’t know that I was HIV+. For the longest time I isolated myself from the world and became more and more depressed and discouraged. It took me a very long time to come to the point where I could even talk about the disease and how I was feeling.

Today my attitude is very different. Now I tell people that I look at myself as having AIDS; AIDS doesn’t have me. I am thankful for what I have and don’t let the disease take hold of me. Today, living with AIDS is not a death sentence. Certainly it is life-changing, but with proper care one can live a long time. The problem is that when people hear that you have HIV/AIDS, they run away and discriminate against you unlike with cancer and other diseases. This must change, and today I am trying to help overcome the stigma surrounding those living with HIV/AIDS.

I am now active and open about my status so that perhaps I can help someone else. We have a responsibility to care about ourselves and about others. You have to protect yourself; no one else can do it better than you. Your life is in your hands. Protect it.

chaucer needs a home
helping hands care
My wife and I were visiting the Petco in Cambridge, Massachusetts today, and we met the most wonderful orange tabby named Chaucer. Chaucer is beautiful cat who is recovering from a horrific attack in which someone poured bleach on him. He received burns on 25% of his body. Thankfully, volunteers at St Meow’s, a Cambridge no-kill facility, rescued Chaucer and nursed his wounds. Apart from a few patches where he’s still healing, he’s looking healthy and happy. Now he just needs a new home.

We have actually seen Chaucer twice at the Petco in the last 10 days, but today was the first day we got to know him. He is so sweet and loving, we would do anything to take him home ourselves. But because we already have two cats and our lease won’t let us take in a third, our hands our tied. But we were so touched by Chaucer that we decided to post this message today.

We have no affiliation whatsoever with St. Meow’s. We’re just doing this because we met a beautiful cat in need of a caring family and want to help out in whatever way we can.

To learn more about Chaucer, please visit this web page. You can also contact St. Meow’s directly at 617-767-6294 or saintmeows [at]

If you’re looking to bring a pet into your life, please pay Chaucer a visit.

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