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The day of change

Nobody ignore the worrying state of the planet anymore, Life on Earth,
either in terms of the terrible human suffering and misery, or global
climate disaster, environmental, health state, long time threats which
have become active realities.

Each passing day we destroy a little more life around the world, we
assassinate forests, oceans, dry the Dead Sea, destroy entire species
result of millions of years of evolution, dump millions of tons of
pollutants that accumulate, concentrate and spare no area of the globe
and poisoning any life.

Each day that passes, we are increasing the world population, we are
depleting more "natural resources", we sink deeper into a deadlock and
reduce our chances of escape.

Each passing day the rich get richer, the poor poorer and more likely
every day that passes we give life a higher price than fewer people can

Every day that passes, we wipe out a little more surely the future of
our children, however, totally innocent of this situation and to whom we
owe all the opposite. Wether we have or have not thought about it before
making them, what is happening, what we do or let do is the legacy that
we leave them: it is a certainty of disaster and suffering closer and
closer. *It is our own responsibility, and now* to change it to a gift
because Life have to be one.

In the current world state and its degradation accelerating, it is not
even certain that an immediate, radical and optimal change of attitude
allows humanity to avoid the consequences of disordered committed but
it’s our only room for maneuver.

Do nothing, stay confident is being the one who, falling from the 50th
floor, said one meter above the ground, "so far, so good"; it’s perhaps
to hope to avoid the worst but it’s leaving care to our children to know
it. It’s not on the edge of the abyss that we have to think of changing
course, those who run the bus will probably have left it before and
enjoy the speed, but the passengers are our children.

Humanity has exceeded a point that it would even never reach: even
though a large majority of people already live in an inhuman misery, we
use what we call the natural "resources" beyond their threshold of
renewal, destroy priceless treasures, poison that remains and continue
to emphasize the extent of the disaster.

Even in the "rich" countries, the most "developed", each passing day we
learn and accustom our children to live in more violence, pollution,
nuisance, traffic congestion, injustice, inequality , instability, in
less freedom, less space, less health, less humanity, we are at the
opposite of progress, the *true development* of civilizations. If we
allow this, what is the meaning of giving them life, this life?

The growing awareness worldwide of the seriousness of the situation goes
hand in hand with our individual feeling of powerlessness to change "the
course of things" as if all this was inevitable when *we are yet the
only collectively single responsibles!*

The terrifying absurdity of this situation is matched only by that of
the "logic" which generates it and that we use and maintain, either
voluntarily or forced, in our life, our daily work:

logic in which, the more diseases and ill people there are, the more the
doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, … are doing well, the more
conflicts, divorces there are, …the more the lawyers, bailiffs … are
doing well, more cars break down, the shortest they run, more the
garages, automakers are doing well … logic in which each compelled to
make this calculation, trapped in these rules and this narrow view,
believe see his interest in… the degradation of the whole.

Logic of 3 for 2, of amount of business, GDP, only mathematical,
quantitative, virtual, financial of pyramidal flows in which the real
wealth of the natural world, energy and labor of men are swallowed up
and processed on, one side, in virtual financial "wealth" which
concentrate at the top, on the other in waste needed to justify this flow.

Logic which is designed not to produce goods and services to provide the
needs of men, but to produce men and increase their needs to justify
continuing to produce, sell, anything, ever more, ever more expensive,
to maximize numbers.

Logic of *destruction and depletion* of natural resources from which

Logic of *pollution* by processing lines, rejection of pollutants in
nature to "save" and to maximize "profits",

Logic of *wastefulness*, *waste*, "scrappage" because which is produced
MUST be thrown, replaced to continue to manufacture and sell,

Logic of *overconsumption* of energy, transport, … used at all stages.

Logic in which goods and services effective, durable, solid, repairable,
recyclable, the efficient appliances which provide service during
lifetime, free energy, clean, renewable … everything that would be of
benefit to humankind, the *real savings* in raw materials, energy, human
work, anything that would generate *real and lasting wealth*, balance
and freedoms, would ruin the "economy" and is deliberately excluded!

Irrefutable mathematical logic of expansion, creating and maximizing
virtual wealth in which as less entities as possible, be paid as little
as possible, should produce as much as possible, to sell as
manyconsuming units as possible, for as expensive as possible, the
products the less sustainable as possible, to generate as much "profit"
as possible. Logic worthy of a video game of infinite world with
indisputable mathematical rules, populous with virtual entities
sacrificed to maximize a score … but which, applied to a real world,
the real Life, a planet not expandable, not inexhaustible and round,
with a population of living things longing for peace and happiness, has
the catastrophic obvious consequences, human and ecological that we
suffer: the utopia is to believe this logic sustainable.

*It is our own responsibility, and now* to stop to apply, submit
ourselves and be forced into this absurd logic, inhuman and suicidal,
and to act the opposite way: with intelligence and humanity, in meaning
of life.

No one on the planet who has not everything to gain!

We owe it especially to new generations, our children who have nobody
else than us to count on, to whom we are solely responsible of the
future, to whom there is no sense of having given life although it must
not be beautiful and sustainable.

We owe them an friendly, clean and healthy Earth, clean air and water,
not only acceptable, a planet vast and rich of life, species, balances
as it was and should have remained. It’s our own responsibility and now
to stop to stifle the life, to stop overpopulate the planet and immerse
our children in the most absurd and horrifying trap.

It is our own responsibility and now to restore their true meaning to
the words development, economy, progress, profit, profitability:


The development of *quality of life*, development of *common
sense*, the development of *sharing* knowledge, labor, development
of *balance*, respect, the development of science, research,
technology, inventions to increase *quality*, *efficiency*,
*recyclability*, *repairability*, *durability* of goods, services,
of everything we produce to provide for our needs.


The *real savings*, huge and increasing of raw materials, of
energy, of labor, of waste, arising naturally from this type of
development, intelligent, natural and *sustainable by definition
and purpose*: manufacture quality to last and serve, and not
manufacture to manufacture, spend and waste. *Savings* that in
turn result in, by the released time, the increased freedoms, more
potential for development, research and go always further in the
inventions, the maximization of services rendered, of quality of
life and minimizing use of raw materials, productions,
consumptions and waste.


This is the very meaning of *progress*: do more with less and not
less for more expensive, increasing all at once the knowledge,
performances, respect, freedoms, well-being of all to the
detriment of no balance and nobody. *Advancing health* is
ultimately less needing for medication. *Advancing freedom* is to
give each person, time and space healthy, natural and peaceful,
place to flourish in its own aspirations and not compel the
highest number in the minimum artificial space, toxic and alienating.


The *profit*, huge and growing, not virtual, centralized and
financial, but real and global, brought by the *concrete durable
wealth* generated by these synergies beneficial to all, any and on
all plans. What is free, renewable and clean is *infinitely more
profitable and beneficial* to humanity than what is limited,
expensive and polluting. Give to everything always a higher price,
is not producing wealth but impoverishing the world and ruin its
future. *Profitability* is not to succeed to sell 100 which costs
1 and lasts as shorter as possible, but on the contrary to success
with incessantly less energy, raw materials and labor of *all*, to
provide still better, efficiently and durably to all the needs of


From that day, decide together to implement this, transform our
individual sense of powerlessness in an inexorable collective decision
of life, future, peace, health, sharing, respect, balance , well-being:
the only acceptable overall change.

From that day, we are going to simply stop the absurd, the hypocrisy,
domination, stop destroying, poisoning, invading, plundering, but share,
affirm our intelligence and humanity, restore and respect the planetary
living balance and offer it to our children.

Do not let any party, any government, any lobby, any media lead us
astray or manipulate us: certainly those who take advantage of monstrous
injustices and current disasters and appropriated the last pockets of
paradise of that Earth will perhaps not conducive to this change, but
the entire planet is and must become a paradise for all its inhabitants.

Translate this text in as many languages as there are on our planet.

Insert it into your websites, distribute it all around the world, and
think of those who do not have free access to information. Spammers stop
degrading this valuable and unique opportunity in the history of Men
planetarily decide, communicate, exchange ideas, share knowledge,
culture, progress, universally, freely and without charge: it’s the
future of humanity, the power to impose peace on those who want war,
sharing and respect for those who want to dominate and enslave.

Give this gift to ourselves and to future generations: our children who
are here, now and believe in us.

Put this logo on your t-shirts, ties, cars, … around the Earth.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that Life on Earth is the
result of hundred millions of years of evolution and ongoing
contributions of millions of plant and animal species in a wonderful
balance to ensure its own durability and the source of any abundance and
availability, including that of humans. That all men are born free and
equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among
these are the continuation of the Existent, life, health, freedom,
equality and the pursuit of happiness. Governments are instituted to
service men to secure these rights, and their just power is determined
by their ability to work towards this goal. That whenever any Form of
Government or Power becomes destructive of these inalienable Rights or
threatens the very foundations of their existence, the People have the
Right and the Duty to alter or to abolish it and to institute a new one,
laying its fundation on such principles that ensure their respect."

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