In the first place it is necessary to have a product to sell. Then it is a matter of attracting of potential customers to the website that offers exactly what they need. As in all market places there are competitors offering the same products that you do. The challenge is to get them to walk into your online shop and stay to do business.

The Internet phenomenon is so recent that it can be said to be still unfolding across the world. Within the new are many remnants of the old world and in many cases old and new are melded together. As IT experts confront concepts that are altogether new they fall back upon old words. Browse might once have been used to name the grazing habits of some animals but now it names the actions of Internet users.

Design is another connection between old and new. There have always been principles determining how blank spaces are best filled, but those rules must be applied in slightly different formats when it comes to web page design. Graphic designers also need to use a new language to command an artificially intelligent mind what to do. There are millions of pages on the web and some are well designed. Others are a cluttered mess of information that is difficult to access.

Flowers attract people because they are fragrant and colorful. Insect are attracted to the presumably by the same characteristics though it is unlikely that bees have words for what they love about flowers. Like flowers well designed websites have features that make them attractive and accessible. Making them this way takes expertise. In some cases the ability might come naturally but in others it is an outcome of training and education.

No matter how well designed a page might be it may remain remain like a desert flower, ‘wasting it sweetness on the desert air’ if search engines remain unaware of it existence. Each search engine sends out crawlers which are like futuristic spiders crawling about on the Web for published sites that have certain features relevant to search terms that may be typed in by browsers..

Just as certain plants have become adept at giving out signals to attract insects so web developers have evolved a new skill called search engine optimization, or SEO. This acronym has become another recent addition to the English language because it names an essential skill that must be acquired or purchased by owners of websites. It makes a web page smell as alluring to the spiders that crawl about on the Web as the most fragrant flowers. They will find the flower and rank it highly appetizing in terms of its relevance to certain search terms so that it is foregrounded for searchers.

In addition to web design and SEO strategies there other techniques you can learn how to attract more customers to your website. Perhaps the most critical decision for a business person is whether to employ the services of an online professional or attempt to do it yourself.

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