Day 3: *pout*
February 12, 2019 How To Clean Cookies

Some cool how to clean cookies images:

Day 3: *pout*
how to clean cookies
*heavy sigh*

guess what? yup, that’s right, I’m still sick! At this rate, I don’t care if I wake up with a head the size of Japan, I’m going to work tomorrow!

I got up early, made myself some tea, and watched morning news shows… dozed off again for most the morning… and spent the greater part of the day thumb’n through the net and watching daytime television *feigns enthusiasm* woo hoo!

I got all inspired and prepped my camera for a full of bathtub/bubble session… alas, no bubble bath! I’ve got salts, and oils, many of which I’m not sure how I feel about their scents… but no bubbles, and um, I’m not ready for that, yet!

So I showered instead, and put on my pink fuzzy robe to make me feel better. (Oh, & I had a little chunk of cookie dough… a given snack/munch in this thing!)


Day 265: Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
how to clean cookies
Happy me…

I came home (after a soccer game in the cold wind, a CrazyPepper date with some girls, and a visit at the shop with Sara) to a little box of photography goodness: my Kodak Duaflex III arrived!

Just in time for tomorrow’s DILO… this is just a preview of what possibly is to come after tomorrow, still working out the focus, no idea how to clean up the lens/mirrors any better… but taking it on the road should at least prove fun and exhilarating!

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