Homecoming for Starbucks

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Homecoming for Starbucks
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Since 2001, Major Amy Quesenberry of the United States Air National Guard and retired active duty officer in the Air Force, has been deployed a total of seven times. She’s served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates.

During her service, Major Quesenberry served as an Air Battle Manager. She directed complicated multi-aircraft maneuvers. She led a team of up to fifteen people as they made decisions that would affect the lives of pilots in hostile territory. She was a leader and a mentor.

On her last deployment, she and her husband, a 21-year veteran of the military himself, were sent overseas for upwards of 190 days in two countries. They loved their jobs but they worked sixteen hour days. They missed their children. They missed each other.

As Major Quesenberry transitioned out of active duty military, she started asking herself what she wanted to do with her civilian life. With all the experiences she had built up over fourteen years of service, she found the transition difficult.

She said:

“Now that this deployment is finally over I feel like I can finally get my civilian life, as we call it, in order and figure out what I’m going to do. And that is absolutely intimidating.

When you’ve had the military for 14 years to fall back on, to not have to worry about writing a resume, not have to worry about doing a job interview. And you’ve done and seen as much as you have in the military and you’ve managed lots of people and been in charge of programs.

And all of a sudden you’re doing something that somebody right out of college is learning how to do too.”

She isn’t alone. The veteran unemployment rate is nearly double the national average.

After months of looking for work, Major Quesenberry went to a job fair for veterans and their spouses. At that job fair, she saw Starbucks. Starbucks District manager, Devin Craig, formerly a member of the National Guard, immediately saw the potential in Amy. With her experience leading small teams, mentoring individuals, and her ability to handle high stress situations, she was a perfect fit as an assistant store manager in his district.

On Veterans Day, 2013, Starbucks will commit to hiring 10,000 veterans and their active duty spouse over the course of 5 years.

Howard Schultz, Chairman, President and CEO of Starbucks details the importance of this initiative:

“These are people, across the board, who have demonstrated great leadership skills, great discipline, and people who will add value to Starbucks.We think this is the right thing to do for the country, for our company, our customers and every stakeholder of Starbucks.”

Published: November 11, 2013

Pursue Your Passion – A Summary
how to find potential clients
While Amazon affiliate earnings paid for the daily stuff, salary from Amazon was being banked and helped with the 5 million yen (about 50,000 USD) needed to set up a company – at the time, foreigners needed to invest that much to start up a company.
The affiliate earnings also helped us buy our current house too. These days you can set up a company with 1 yen but would probably find it difficult to do business when potential clients see how much you invested in your company.

Left Microsoft after spending a year with them as a Product Manager to start up my current company Mirai Inc which focuses on licensing a community e-commerce platform called Mirai Gaia.
Many of our clients are Japanese companies in the subculture and entertainment field which makes my current job a dream job – doing something I’m passionate about (building websites) for clients who operate in an area that interests me most.
Life is great and I love my job and life in Japan. You can achieve anything with passion and focus. Destination 2 reached.

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