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Want to know how long it takes a sleazy online retailer to get relisted with Yahoo! Shopping after being delisted for abusing their customers? Give or take a little about three months.

Back on November 29th I wrote an article entitled PriceRitePhoto: Abusive Bait and Switch Camera Store. If you missed it on my blog then you may also have seen it on Slashdot or Boing Boing or on Digg where it was the most dugg story of all time. The story was also picked up by both The New York Post and that other little New York publication called The New York Times.

At the time when the story got all of the attention PriceRitePhoto was delisted from all of the major shopping comparison sites — and rightfully so. Not only had they been abusive to me, but when the story spread many others came out of the woodwork to corroborate the retailer as a first class abusive bait and switch camera shop.

Yahoo! Shopping delisted the retailer at the time, of course, and Yahoo! Vice President Rob Solomon explained in an article by Forbes that PriceRitePhoto had "rigged Yahoo’s feedback system."

What was interesting to me at the time when the PriceRitePhoto story was going on was that PriceRitePhoto had supposedly been delisted a year earlier from comparison shopping site PriceGrabber. What I never could get is how after being delisted on PriceGrabber that PriceRitePhoto ended back on there a year latter to try and rip me off. Of course that first delisting didn’t get the visibility that mine did, but not to worry, not only is PriceRitePhoto back in business at Yahoo! Shopping, they are back in business on PriceGrabber as well. This after being delisted there at least twice that I know of.

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