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how to get more people to visit your website
hello friends,
all of the work you see here, plus one more piece i will post in the morning, are going to los angeles for my reform school show. i have gotten emails and comments from people interested in purchasing some of this work. here’s how it will work: first dibs for all pieces goes to those who attend the opening party this saturday night from 7-10. then, starting sunday the 11th and continuing all month, all unsold pieces from opening night can be purchased by phone or internet by contacting {or visiting} the shop directly {not me}. they will let you know if the piece you are interested in is still available and the price. their contact information can be found on their website at the show will come down on march 8. after that, you can buy any unsold pieces directly from me, though the prices will remain the same. thanks everyone!

We Are All Photographers Now! (2007-03-30,11.44AM)
how to get more people to visit your website
The musee de l’Elysee Lausanne is holding an exhibit where they have asked amatuer photographers from around the world to submit their photos for an ongoing exhibit. You can get more details about the project and even submit your own photos if you’d like by visiting their website.

I found this link originally through lrayholly’s photostream, but have since found shots from several other of my contacts. It looked like a cool concept so I submitted about 26 shots (so far) with plans to submit more in the future.

This series consists of 9 of the 26 exhibition shots they sent me. I posted the ones where there appears to be people actuall observing my photos. I don’t know what is off screen or not or how many people visit the exhibit, but in at least these 9 shots you can see that there are people there looking at the exhibit.

There is also a group on Flickr dedicated (unofficially) to this exhibit and that can be found here.

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