esprit park homes in dogpatch:  meet your new neighbors!!

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esprit park homes in dogpatch: meet your new neighbors!!
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i’m posting this again because the original post has been suppressed online.

these people just moved into the complex. this kind of behavior is so bizarre. it’s been bad enough with all the noise from the latest upgrades to the courtyard (they ran a tile buzz saw out here for seven days in a row, including saturday and sunday!!! absurdly rude behavior). but seriously, do the new owners need to let their dog out in the early morning and then go to work?!?

oh please not that!!!!

it makes me wonder if they are doing a remodel as well, lol
probably the same people who trashed the recycling room

for all potential buyers at Esprit Park, the following is a little bit of information that is worth considering, especially if you are new to the area and don’t know the background setting:

well, the really interesting thing is the medical center about half a mile away.
in terms of an investment, buying a condo here would be a great idea IF you weren’t in the position where you had to live here.

across the street on indiana there is a heavy industrial zone for cranes and mobile lifts. the company is at odds with the recent residentializing of the neighborhood. they park their lifts and heavy moving trucks often blocking up to an entire lane of traffic with their double parking techniques.
several people have filed complaints and the city is pursuing them at the moment.
this has of course had the direct and adverse affect of causing enmity and hostility between the differing parties. it might not be related, but several esprit park residents who park on the street have had their cars vandalized.

then, to complicate things further, the dogpatch neighborhood is near the 22nd street commuter train station and the muni transit bus center for drivers which means that "worker" people leave their cars here all day while they commute down to the pennisula satellites or drive buses around town.

but there is plenty of parking in the evening. however, soon there will be a community push toward "2 hour parking zones" and the monitoring of spaces so that the neighborhood can function effectively instead of being a parking lot for empty vehciles.

but know this, dogpatch isn’t technically a neighborhood. it has no sustainable shopping market. in two years it should be a highly trafficked destination spot known for all its new restaurants and markets on 3rd street. i’m betting that something like trader joe’s will open a small store at 18th and third or thereabouts. just a prediction on that one 🙂

but all of this brings us back to the major problem: the new medical center which is 3/4s through production.

first, this thing is GIGANTIC. it stretches over blocks and will have hundreds of offices and laboratories. it’s truly gigantic!!! as it has gone up to its full height, it actually blocked out any views one used to have had from esprit park looking out from the furtherest north building in the compound (esprit park is not a "building". it is comprised of many buildings which form a compound).

where one once saw the beautiful lights of the bay bridge at night, one now sees the overpass of 18th street and the medical building. it’s GINORMOUS. bye bye view.

but the craziest part is the way the road system won’t be able to manage the daily influx of over ten thousand more vehicles in the area as a direct result of the patients and visitors and practitioners, etc. this thing is a massive undertaking by UCSF and its corporate pals and is an amazing project. there will also be a subsequent rise in small servicing business like restaurants, food carts, boutiques, shoe stores, etc.

but with all the strains i already mentioned above, there is no doubt that dogpatch will experience some very unusual growing pains that haven’t really happened in other parts of the city. mostly, it is the city street system which cannot sustain the influx of traffic. while they are creating really beautiful roads and tree-lined streets, the access to the area is radically limited. if you look at a map, it is easy to see how the trouble will fall out.

there are two roads (mariposa and 16th) coming from the west that will service ALL the traffic from the 280 and all traffic from the mission. basically, there simply isn’t enough road space to effectively spread out the havoc that the new medical center will bring to the area. it isn’t set up for that kind of distribution. then, to make things more tense, any time AT&T stadium is having an event, the area will become infinitely more compacted and insane. it’s already a major crunch on those two roads during events, but imagine an event and a seriously increased daily total of vehicles. it will be madness and mayhem and the overspill will be felt in dogpatch. like an invasive wave of over-expansion. another jack london square adventure with its own little knife twist factor, imo.

people don’t seem to really be aware of this. there is this inverse optimism that makes them think that it will turn into a "walking neighborhood". but the street system doesn’t support this idealistic vision of investing in a changing neighborhood.

people who buy now and can hold onto it for five years AND don’t have to live through the serious period of growing pains (starting around march, 2012) of the next five years would be wise to purchase here. there are a lot of great benefits.

also, not to be left out, it still remains to be seen what will happen to the industrial warehouse directly across the street from esprit park that is currently leased to the SF opera. i have already mentioned the heavy industrial company across the street, but this one is directly opposite esprit park.

word has it that the opera is bailing out of their lease soon, which could mean that someone else might start a residential building, turning the poor new owners of esprit park condos dreams of ideal living into a noise pollution zone for however long a major project like that could take. imagine moving into a working/construction zone for a year?!?! crazy.

Mountable curb
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I bet you’ve never seen one of these.

How do you build a bump out (traffic calming device) on a truck route?

You build a mountable curb., Most motorists will avoid running over it, but a large truck will have no issue driving on it.

I didn’t know what this was when I first saw it online (before visiting Portland), but as soon as Greg Raisman mentioned this intersection was part of a designated truck route, I knew immediately what it was for.

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