Cool How To Look For Clients images
December 3, 2018 How To Look For Clients

Some cool how to look for clients images:

how to look for clients
In plundering the web for distractions from work, I found Sean Bonner’s flickr stream and his image of what’s in his dock, so here’s mine. I don’t consider this stocking up though, I still have to take and post a new photo tomorrow even though I did two today. 😉

fog drive home
how to look for clients
Day 86 – January 26, 2005: Hump day is over and this has been an excruciating week at work. Lots of challenges, lots of fun, and plenty of frustrations too. Sometimes I wish I was a truck driver. Then I think… even truck drivers have bosses and clients. It’s impossible to not make mistakes now and again, but it’s how you move on that matters.

Met with a group of elite-level Ultimate players tonight. Nice group of people, looking for support from the league. Very organised. I was impressed.

My main 17″ screen.
how to look for clients
My main screen.

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