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April 17, 2017 How To Site

A few nice how to site images I found:

how to site
Skilled workers were on hand to lend training and know-how to volunteers, including overseeing their use of the circular saw. The frame was completed in the early afternoon on Labor Day and has been transported to a site in State College where Penn State students from Habitat and Into the Streets, which engages Penn State students in service throughout the community, will volunteer to complete it.

how to site
Concluding the Gettysburg tour was a stop of the U.S. Army Memorial, which marks the site where Pickett’s Charge was directed on July 3, 1863. The scholars listened as Reardon recounted the final day of the battle and how the strategies of Union and Confederate generals played out.

Coco Solo Panama 1985
how to site
NSGA administrative site at Coco Solo, Panama. This was taken when I was there in 1985. I went back in 1993 and it was pretty much gone (replaced by extensions of the new port). Even Gold Row was gone (just a flat piece of land surrounded by the new port facilities. How things change!!! So many stories that will never get told.

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