April 26, 2017 How To Win Customers

Today, hundreds of contests are being held online either by institutions linked in the academe or enterprises trying to increase their online client base. These contests, although mostly built in a commercial if not profit-making agenda, are advantageous in the side of the target customers or participants in as much as these activities foster the use of talents and creativity, which is something that is not being exercised on a daily basis. Contrary to natural perception, winning a contest on the net is not that difficult. Just pursue this further and discover how to win today in all contest on the Internet.

There are several kinds of contests online, but they can basically be categorized into five groups, namely, the writing contests, the photography contests, the cooking contests, the video contests, and the trivia contests. These categories are generally self-explanatory, and tips on how to emerge the winner in these contests are elaborated below.

Geek Yourself Up in Trivia Contests. Trivia contests basically rely on answering different types of quizzes where questions are related to the products, services, present promos or history of the enterprise sponsoring the competition. For instance, coffee manufacturers will logically run trivia contests related to coffee farming, production, personalities, new ingredients, technologies, and the like. In answering those trivia quizzes, make sure that your encyclopedia software is open, as well as other websites that give interesting facts on coffee.

Read As Much As You Can in Writing Contests. Writing contests usually revolve around a seasonal campaign. For instance, a shampoo company runs an essay writing contest related to Mother’s day, or Christmas, or graduation. In writing the piece on Mother’s day, therefore, there must be a concrete imagery of a mother doing something with her or her children’s hair. Such frameworks also works with cementing the relevance of Christmas and shampoo, or graduation day and shampoo. How To Win Today in All Contest on the Internet relies on how sharply you assess what the contests aim to do, and how you work within those very aims. It is also helpful to research whether such contest is being held annually, and if yes, check the kind of writing of former winning entries.

Learn Product Branding in Photo and Video Contests. Next to writing contests, the most predominant contest on the Internet today is photography competition. In the recent years however, with the emergence of video streaming technologies, a number of video clip and short film making contests are also growing very fast. Most of these contests are about endorsing latest products and services, or delving on a lofty slogan that embody those products and services. In these online contests, you should never underestimate the capabilities of your competitors, especially when the prize at stake is very high. This is one of the points that you must not forget on How To Win Today in All Contest on the Internet. Even if the contests are tagged as “amateur”, there will definitely be a number of highly creative entries that can pass as professional. If you want to really win the prize, be dedicated enough to bring 120% of your talents. Plan ahead, research on the brand aesthetic of the company sponsoring the contest, execute your plans perfectly, and submit your entry a day or two before the deadline.

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