Nice Internet Marketing Company photos
October 26, 2017 Internet Marketing Company

Check out these internet marketing company images:

An entire sorting office
internet marketing company
Slightly bizarre: in the same hall as Internet World is the Direct Marketing thing. And this was one of the stands (can you tell I was just looking for freebies?) – a full sorting office. And it worked, too. Neat.

Also here (but I didn’t take a photo, stupidly) – a great idea from one company that buys bizarre currency from foreign lands, for direct marketers to send to people here. My "free money!" was a five-shilling piece from the Republic of Somalia.

Coloring sink spam
internet marketing company
Superb. The beauty of this robot’s vision. A colouring sink. A colouring sink? Fantastic. I’ll buy the company. This is the closest I have come to opening rubbish spam nonsense email, I can tell you… and the subject? "Lord". Hallelujah! It is the sign I have been waiting for, the tip that topped the scales, I can start my business and move on with my life, meet the universe and other such fine aspirations I hold in my darkest days, my longest nights, the moments of despair have ended, finished, finito binito, end of story, bye bye blue days hello "Lord" .. of "Colouring sink". Bring it on.

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