more ways to interact with ancient artifacts
October 25, 2019 Internet Marketing Overview

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more ways to interact with ancient artifacts
internet marketing overview
Presenting this material culture of SW Asia’s early civilizations within the walls of an Institute of Art tends to paint the items in art or expressive, rather than functional or technical terms. In other words these pieces tend to be valued according to artistic value or (rarity) market value, rather than for sociological meanings or historical purposes or cultural patrimony.
Visitors with little or no knowledge of this part of the world, its languages, and the lives long ago spent, will find interest in the grouping of pieces, along with some helpful labeling to give context of making, use, or curatorial significance to the collection and wider subject. Others who come seeking inspiration for their own art making, or who come for anthropological and archaeological purposes will find value according to their purposes.
This photo shows a computer work station at lower right. Visitors can search for related information for the pieces being displayed. Maybe there are ways to view related pieces in storage, out of public view; or to see pieces online that are held at other museums and in other parts of the world.
Thanks to the ever broader and deeper Internet a person can see some of the museum and the gallery pieces online, before or after (or indeed during) their visit. People can take photos (no flash, no tripod, no big camera capable of using interchangeable lenses) to gather mementos of selected parts of their visit. And now with computer workstations here and there (as well as mobile computing with tablet or cellphone) the visitors can dig deeper and go beyond the details in the label text.
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internet marketing overview
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