Deeper is Cheaper
April 28, 2017 Marketing Media

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Deeper is Cheaper
marketing media
We are inside the bowels of MBK. Yes MBK again. The wives did not hit this part of the mall yesterday, and had only checked out the main shops outside.

I have a theory about shops. The deeper the shop is located, the better the deals. We saw a pair of jeans we had bought for 750 baht (.25) on the first floor, which was sold inside this "pasar malam" style sector on the fourth floor for 600 baht (.80). Deeper is cheaper.

We also found that the handphone covers we bought for 120 baht (.15) in the deep Sim Lim zone of MBK (shop name: X-drone) were being sold for 190 baht (.15) at the Outer Rim shops. Deeper is cheaper.

We also had a bit of a T-shirt frenzy at a tiny shop called Prosperity. It was run by a nice, soft-spoken young lady, who was selling her stuff a lot cheaper than the other T-shirt shops inside the "pasar malam" zone. Her initial discount was 15%, more than the 10% the other shops offered. And when Mike said, "Wait, I bring my friend," she gave a deeper discount of 25%.

Deeper, cheaper.

Bear in mind that this is not the same as the Patpong Night Market nonsense where you have to bargain stuff down to 20% of the opening price.

Miss Prosperity’s service was first-rate too, and she was never pushy.

She would try her darnedest to find a design I wanted, in the size I wanted, even going to the other shops to hunt one down for me.

It is tough to be an XL. Mike had an easier time because the Medium and Large ones fit him.

Miss Prosperity noticed our more than ten shopping bags, carried by the men, of course, and asked, "Last day in Bangkok shopping?"

"Er, no," the two husbands replied sheepishly, "Not even close."

Live Jazz?
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Somewhere near Smithfields (meat market), where I also walked passed a closed estate agency – except there was a bloke in cycling shorts playing a bagpipe inside.

marketing media
Homemade choccies, £5/100g (didn’t get this time, but the cidre truffles were sorely tempting. Spitalfields

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