February 20, 2017 Marketing Research

Sign up to contests, accumulate loyalty points and claim your complimentary gifts. All the nice things that come out from your membership or loyalty to companies and brands are courtesy of these businesses who make sure that you are awarded with what you want and more. They gather information in the process in order to know when, where, how, and what to reach you with their new promotions and advertising. This is the work of marketing research course.

Marketing Research & Analytics is an area in marketing that identifies and analyzes the marketing intelligence needed to create and modify products and services, to identify the target market, and to effectively communicate with the customers. There is more to this field than knowing your customers; it is about knowing how the company should react to industry trends and changes, including competition, customer behaviours, and technological advancements. This is an exciting new field, gaining wide recognition as businesses put more focus on research and marketing. Here are some reasons why you should be aware of it and why you should learn more about it:

* Excellent job prospects: The Globe and Mail dubbed marketing and analytics as the fastest-growing job market, with people employed in the field doubled in 2011 and expected to double in the next four years.
* Well-paying career: Marketing researchers, market researchers, data analysts and other related job titles in this area receive a generous payout. Forbes magazine dubbed Market Research Analyst as one of the best jobs in Marketing with a median salary of $ 60,570.
* Ranks well in growth: This area has been added to many lists of best jobs, including the CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists (EMSI) list of best jobs in 2013. The list ranked Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists having 10th growth, which is the highest percentage of growth on the list.

Although the field recommends a bachelor’s degree, a career in marketing analytics can be achieved with a specialized college curriculum in conjunction with a business or marketing major in college or university. Canada launched its first graduate certificate program in marketing research and analytics in the fall 2012 semester. In partnership with SAS Canada, a leading business Analytics software company, Centennial College formed a marketing research course in a two-semester curriculum called Marketing – Research & Analytics. The postgrad program is a pioneer in teaching the importance of data and how to use it as customer insights in forming strategic decisions.

The Marketing – Research & Analytics (2845) program includes the following areas of studies:

* Database Mining and Analytics, Marketing Analysis and Planning, and Statistics for Marketing Research prepare students to embark on a career with strong analytical and numeracy skills, along with problem solving and communication skills.
* SAS’ Enterprise Miner will be used as a hands-on approach to giving students the analytical and technical skills needed in today’s competitive market.
* Environics Analytics, Canada’s premier marketing and analytical services company, shared its ENVISION software to teach students on segmentation and data analysis.

The extensive programs marketing research analytics at Centennial College trains undergraduates to perform various research and analytics jobs that are available in a wide range of industries. Graduates can expect to find roles in research firms as well as companies in retail, health care, education, travel and tourism and others. Graduates of the Marketing – Research & Analytics can enjoy a great start in a fulfilling career being the connections between market intelligence and big business decisions.

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