June 7, 2017 Marketing Strategy

Too often as network marketers we spend time trying to uncover the latest and greatest network marketing strategy that will supply us with a never ending list of opportunity seekers or people purchasing our products. Yet, when we find a new network marketing strategy, we tend to consume ourselves with learning how it works, and refining our processes, that the most fundamental action steps can escape us. This industry is built on relationships, and connecting with people, so if there is no live contacts being made every day, you can lose momentum in your business rapidly.

No matter what type of network marketing strategy you use to expose your business, or generate leads one fact remains true. If you want to build a successful business, it will require you to consistently focus on three basic activities for business building. The three elemental activities are sharing your products, sharing your biz opp, and growing yourself personally. If your network marketing strategy doesn’t incorporate all three areas every day, your business can’t flourish.

Actual Purpose of Your Network Marketing Strategy

How many ads do you see boasting a network marketing strategy that will have you generating leads in your sleep? Probably countless times. While that statement is true, it can also lead people to believe they can develop an online network marketing strategy where sales just seem to flow in, without any human contact. Perhaps you can relate; your network marketing strategy is driving a ton of traffic to you, but the results are coming at a snails pace. If this is you, I challenge you to ask yourself if you are spending enough time in your schedule focusing on the basics. Traffic and leads don’t automatically convert to sales or partners. The fortune is in the follow up.

Network Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

Sharing your product – Product distribution is what gets the motor running. Retail profits fuel the cash flow for your business. Cash flow provides greater business building power with increased advertising budgets. Obtaining retail customers also gives you a new lead pool to share your opportunity with. A good network marketing strategy includes a strategy for exposing your product each and every week. I am not referencing an advertising campaign. Of course advertising is essential, however you must have people trying, and experiencing your products on a regular basis. Each company or product might require a specific method or system for how a person arrives at the decision to purchase. Whether it is an intangible product or a tangible product, doesn’t matter. What you need to realize is that a sale requires a live touch, in most cases. Your system may make the pitch, you may generate contacts, although if you don’t follow up and get that product into someone’s hands, no money is made.

Sharing your opportunity – Sharing your opportunity builds your residual income. Although product sales gives you immediate profits, careeers are built through building a team or a network of distributors. Your network marketing strategy needs a system for not only promoting your opportunity, but also for following up with your leads. It doesn’t matter how many claims there are regarding how great your recruiting system is, if you don’t interact with people, your business will not grow. Interaction fuels action. Although most people are researching opportunities online, the real deal is made when a connection and a relationship is built. Not to beat a dead horse here, but no matter how many contacts your network marketing strategy generates, your conversion rate will never reach its maximum without you picking up the phone and calling people. Systems and robots don’t build relationships, real human contact does.

Growing yourself – You may have heard the statement “if you want 10 times the income, you need to become 10 times the person.” This statement is unquestionably true. I would venture to say that succeeding in life is ninety-nine percent dependent upon one’s thinking. If you visit the home of any successful entrepreneur, I bet you’ll find an entire library dedicated to personal growth and success type thinking. You must take this lesson to heart. No matter what type of network marketing strategy you use, it won’t be enough. You must engage yourself daily to improving your leadership skills, mastering human relations, and focusing your thoughts on success and positive expectations. If you want to start attracting higher calibur players to your organization, it starts with you becoming who you want to attract. A system or network marketing strategy cannot grow beyond your capabilities. So ask yourself what you are feeding your brain each and every day? Treat your brain as you do your body; pour into it the essential ingredients needed to maximize its possibility. If your thoughts are not focused in the right direction, difficulties will water a seed of doubt as quickly as weeds can take over a garden. Programming your mind is the key to your success in all areas of your business, including your success rate with product sales and team building. Personal growth is not just some concept about manifesting your dreams, it is the catalyst to achieving your dreams. Your thoughts and your expectations are your rudder, because your mind directs your action, and your action directs your result.

Network Marketing Strategy Action Plan

When creating your network marketing strategy, you have got to incorporate all key components for building your business. It begins with your network marketing strategy for advertising and lead generation. Subsequently, a process for contacting the leads is essential. Lastly, develop your daily plan to accomplish each of the three necessary activities. Each evening, if you haven’t produced any results you need to question: How many people have I shared my product with today? How many individuals have I shared my opportunity with today? How have I increased my skill and value today? Success is rewarded to those who are diligent.

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