June 5, 2017 Marketing Strategy

Go getters in the home business arena are in a never ending search for a network marketing strategy that will catapult their business and send them straight to the top. If you’re a success driven player, then chances are, you’ve used most of the traditional methods to grow your enterprise. Being a trend setter and standing out from the crowd requires a network marketing strategy unique from every other sales pitch.

Reverse marketing seems to be a highly under used network marketing strategy even though it has been around for years. Home business owners haven’t been greatly exposed to this tool because I believe there are too few leaders who really understand how to be effective in duplicating it. In understanding how to use reverse marketing, you also must know how not to use it.

What A Reverse Network Marketing Strategy Is Not

To begin, let’s focus on traditional marketing and sales. Traditional marketing is selling. A business places an ad specifically marketing a product or service addressing how that product solves a problem or need. With traditional marketing the approach is geared more towards appealing to the consumers emotions, creating feelings of what they’ll be missing without using their product or service. In this case, you can also think of this as direct marketing.

When using a traditional approach as a network marketing strategy, you are basically leading with an advertisement specifically about your products or services. Basically, the goal is creating exposure of your product or biz opp to gain responses from interested parties who either make a purchase or join your company. Using straight sales practices for your network marketing strategy works, although because people don’t like to be sold to, it usually requires a higher advertising volume. Whether you share links to your business on social sites, use classified ads, traffic exchanges, or use paid lead vendors, if you share specific information about your company and product, that is direct marketing, and you wanting a sale is always obvious.

What Is A Reverse Network Marketing Strategy?

Reverse marketing in terms of a network marketing strategy can also be thought of as attraction marketing. If you are confused by that statement, don’t worry, I’ll explain. Attraction or reverse marketing is an opposite network marketing strategy. Your sales objective is not entirely as obvious. Rather than advertising your products or biz opp, you focus more on providing beneficial information to your target audience and your service makes a subtle introduction.

There are different avenues people choose to use for a reverse network marketing strategy. For instance, someone may research why a consumer would want their product, and address the need in the form of information such as a digital info pack. An example might be, perhaps a certain business promotes a health product that relieves a specific ailment. The reverse network marketing strategy may be developing content that educates a person about that condition and answers questions about viable solutions. At the end of that content the reader would then learn about the person who authored the content, their company, and the product solution for the problem. This is a value motivated proposal, since the content is not focused on the products, but rather on educating the individual about the condition and addressing key questions people may have about the condition. Since you have given something of worth to a person, they are more apt to trust you and purchase from you. Additional methods can include article marketing, instructional video, free reports, free or paid training programs, etc.

The principal point is that a reverse network marketing strategy must focus on giving first, while leading somebody to making the conclusion to buy what you have, completely devoid of you having to convince them. When you have a great reverse network marketing strategy being used, you may never have to talk with your leads until after they’ve made a purchase!

To Do Or Not To Do With A Reverse Network Marketing Strategy

Do – Provide content or offers that are always relevant to what the consumer is actually looking for. In other words, any information you impart needs to satisfy the questions that are asked by the person who is seeking the information. Non-relevant information will return nothing and simply make you look bad.
Do- Always provide offers of real benefit. Sowing dead seed returns dead leads, so choose your offers wisely.
Do- Always use an opt in form for collecting leads, as well as an automatic response emailer program, since following up with people is key to future sales or partnerships.
Don’t – Use Spam reverse marketing. This one is incredibly significant. If you have ever been on the receiving end, you know how irritating it is. Let me give you an example. You receive a communication from someone asking if you are still with XYZ business or if you still sell ABC merchandise, and if so they must speak with you as they need some answers. They request your reply. And you oblige, and it results in your inbox being bombarded with email after email regarding everything great they have to offer you. UGH! That in my opinion is the lowest form of a reverse network marketing strategy!
Don’t – Friend anybody and everybody on social networks looking to network, while only intending to spam their email. I loathe this one too, as yes, my inbox has been filled with offers.
Don’t- Spam period. Except of course being blacklisted and losing credibility doesn’t bother you, then spam away. Plain and simple, if you don’t have anything of value to offer, a reverse network marketing strategy isn’t for you.

Regardless of the approach you choose to use for your reverse network marketing strategy, the secret is in promoting a worthy useful offer that is pertinent to your intended audience. Once more you must aim to give first, building trust, and let your content direct your potential customer to making the desirable decision to buy from you.

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