April 26, 2017 Marketing Techniques

You’ve worked extremely hard… have done your homework to make sure there are buyers out there for your product or service.

You have it made in the shade….I mean you have the goods, so your business is set..right?

Well …ummmm….no… the work has just started. Your marketing techniques and the marketing channels you access are one of the most important factors to your success.

There are countless marketing techniques that you can use to drive your sales and grow your business. But do you take advantage of all the marketing techniques that your business could benefit from?

“If it aint broke….don’t fix it!”, that’s a common thread in the minds of companies that limit their marketing techniques. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with doing what works…but…limiting your marketing techniques will eventually limit your success. What if your particular way of marketing stops working? Are you prepared to alter your plan?

It’s just in your best interest to always be extending your marketing techniques into different avenues. Getting the word out about your product or service into different areas of your market can ensure your continued success.

Also…. and I’m sure everyone would agree, that you don’t want to implement a marketing technique blindly. It would be good…well…critical to learn the best way to use the strategy by those who actually have successfully utilized the marketing technique themselves.

An example of this is using marketing techniques such as radio and television. You would probably never consider this form of marketing. But until you get the facts…do the research and really learn from those that do it…don’t discount it.

I’m not saying that everything will go perfectly..but…having the correct know how will give you the best chance of making you a profit, versus a big fat loss.

Just be aware that after all the research of marketing techniques…It just might not work for your business. But don’t count it out until you have the facts.

So, here’s some marketing techniques that you can use to grow your business. Understand that there are so many marketing techniques out there, these are just some I could come up with.

* Having a website…Presenting webinars…marketing using email…pay per click advertising…radio spots…television advertising…recorded messages…

*Physical newsletters…e-newsletters…direct mail sales packages…conducting seminars…speaking in public…online books…offline books…thank you cards and notes…grabber mail…testimonials for you business…Storefront signs…affiliate referral programs…

*Article marketing…press releases both on the internet and off…Valpak offers…ads in newspaper and magazines…

*Radio interview spots…Interviews for T.V. … Telemarketing…trade shows…search engine optimization…charity events… blogging…800 numbers etc. etc.

I’m sure the marketing techniques could go on and on and you could add quite a few other marketing techniques that I never even thought about.

But really my point is to NOT dismiss marketing techniques because they might seem outdated, out of the budget, or just too difficult to implement.

Always try to expand in your marketing techniques. Get the right information from those who already successfully utilize the marketing strategy and learn how to do it yourself.

Have you ever seen the TV reality show “The Deadliest Catch”? It’s similar to marketing techniques being used in your business.

Crab fishing is hard and a lot of times… a frustrating endeavor. But despite all the challenges, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is having the crab to sell.

The ships captain navigates the seas, finding the best possible places to drop the pods which are what the crabs get trapped in. He’s constantly on the move, dropping and picking up pods from place to place to efficiently and in the shortest amount of time, fill the ship.

Well its just a matter of finding the right areas to fish. Some do ok and some really over-deliver. That’s why they keep moving to find those spots that give them the full pods of crab.

So using many marketing techniques is a lot like crab fishing. You keep finding more ways to get the word out on your business. You keep trolling the marketing techniques sea and drop of the pods in many locations. Some will produce better than others but you’ll always have the power to have many sources to find your customer. If a marketing technique stops working, you have other options to keep your business rolling.

So to summarize, don’t discount any of the many marketing techniques out there. If you don’t know about one…find out… and learn how to use it correctly in your business. You never know what can happen for your business by having an open mind and thinking outside the box.

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