maths sitting
April 1, 2019 Marketing Your Business

A few nice marketing your business images I found:

maths sitting
marketing your business
A dear friend and a great drummer/percussionist and all-around musician ( in Boston’s ’emerald necklace’ – the Fens.
(May 1998)

When you are trying to break into the business as a young musician you find yourself more often than not taking on all kinds of roles out of necessity (i.e. lack of money to hire professionals.. ;): being your own booking agent, taking care of PR and marketing, graphic designer, and as in this case, photographer.

This photo stems from a shoot with a mutual friend’s camera where we took turns taking photos of each other in order to be able to send some shots to newspapers and include in various project portfolios.

This is a slight treatment of a shot digitized at a regular photo lab. A little dark for my current taste, but I’m content with the fact that it correctly transmits a quiet, reflective aspect of my friend’s personality.

Donde Augusto
marketing your business
Today is my last day in Chile. My lunch selection is Donde Augusto, which operates a resturant that overlooks Santiago’s fish market called Mercado Central.

There must be a lot of competition between the 25 sea-food resturants because there are touts outside of each pleading for you business.

I’ve also learned that lunch in Santiago is from 2 – 4 pm. Beer or wine is expected, even for those working.

It’s kind of fun overlooking the market from my balcony and watching the touts work everyone that walks by.

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