Fairy Duster Glimpse (4 of 4)
April 23, 2017 Mental Health Online

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Fairy Duster Glimpse (4 of 4)
mental health online
Many times I’ve tried to capture this elusively difficult flower and these four images are the first I’ve gotten to even show a bit of their mystery. Each of the four images has links and information I found searching online.

This link and details cracked me up. Turns out the "essence" is used in health and herbalism treatment. Those who know me will laugh as well to read this description of what it is recommended for.

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"Fairy Duster balances the tendency to swing between high and low energy states. We can use this essence when we have inflated expectations or build castles in the air. It is excellent for nervous excitability and over-reactivity to stimuli."

Harmonizing Qualities
…balances the tendency to swing back and forth from high to low energy states;
…emotions not necessarily being released, but becoming obsolete and no longer having power over you;
…enables you to handle greater intensities of energy and stimulation without disruption;
…groundedness and alignment of the mental, emotional and etheric levels;
…seeing new ways;
…sensitive to what is happening around you and interacting with your environment while remaining balanced mentally and open in heart;
…soothes and stabilizes the nervous system and the flow of energies through the nervous system;

Patterns of Imbalance
…nervous agitation or "flightiness";
…nervous excitability and hypersensitivity;
…over-reactivity to stimulation, especially on mental levels;
…useful for many nervous system imbalances;


PS. Maybe I’d better order some of this right away

Mental Health Parity Day
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I put together this image for the Mental Health and Creativity Contest sponsered by NAMI and www.healthcentral.com/bipolar/creativity-exhibit/. The online exhibit can be found here.

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