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August 15, 2019 Need More Customers

A few nice need more customers images I found:

DIR Monster Garage
need more customers
Reinhard Buchaly descibes his storage locker in High Spings…..

Eric, we have a locker room in High Springs. I have attached some pictures
to give you an idea.

There are some points which are important.

You want to have access 24 hours a day. Some places have gates which you can
only pass during the day. We quite often return late at night and do not
have to leave the gear in the car til the next day.

It should be air conditioned to avoid ruing the batteries and avoid heating
your equipment.

We prefer to have access only from inside of the building for safety

The building should be alarm protected and connected to a security service.

You want to have your individual locker room with walls which can not be
looked in
compared to wire fence.

The owner of the locker rooms should agree that you can work on your stuff
in the locker room. It is an advantage when you are a long term customer. We
have this place now for over four years.
In the first two years we had a smaller room just on the other side of the
floor, and changed to the bigger one to get it more organized.

We do not have an own filling station there, so it is good not to be too far
away from a diveshop. For us it is only five minutes to go to Extreme
Exposure to get the fills we need.

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